David Guidi - Saxophonist, Composer, Educator


Top Sellers :
Hike!!! *
Punch Took A Leap *
L´homme Armé II - Voyage *
Jazz Mind *

Available Compositions :
Title  (Click for score example) Level
Jazz Mind * High School
Punch Took A Leap * High School
Hike!!! * Advanced Ensembles
Winding Rose * Advanced Ensembles
The Hang * Advanced Ensembles
L´homme Armé I - Awakening * Advanced Ensembles
L´homme Armé II - Voyage * Intermediate Ensembles
L´homme Armé III - Resurgence * Advanced Ensembles
Beachside Intermediate Ensembles
Hidden Intentions Intermediate Ensembles
Not Soft Enough Intermediate Ensembles
Double Vision * Advanced Ensembles

Building on the great songwriting of the past, Guidi adds modern tonalities and directions that make the music seem utterly fresh and modern, while maintaining the connection to the central core of hard bop and jazz in general.  - www.jazzchicago.net

As an arranger and composer, David enjoys writing for all ensembles from band to orchestra and readily accepts commissions. Featured here, his compositions for jazz ensemble have been met with high acclaim through reviews and in numerous composition contests, including winning one of the 2005 ASCAP Young Jazz Composer Composition Awards.

This page includes sound clips and score examples of various styles and experience levels. Performed by numerous high school, college and professional bands across the country, many contain written-out parts for the rhythm section and strategies for developing improvised solos. Compositions can be ordered through Walrus Music or by contacting David directly.

All compositions can be arranged for various instrumentations upon request.

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